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jiggy hub retractable earphones


Free yourself from Tangles!
Jiggy’s unique spring loaded winding process makes it super-simple to attach your own earphones ready for tangle-free use anytime, anywhere.

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  • Earphones

    Use your earphones easily with our magnetised design and stop messy tangles.

  • Headphones

    Our simple cable holder and winder system makes your Headphones easier to use.

Jiggyhub will revolutionise
the way you use your earphones

Time Saving

Never untangle your earphones again!

Tangled earphones are not only frustrating but time consuming and damaging to their cords. Getting Jiggyhub with them will save you time and hassle – as well as protect your precious earphones.

Download the Jiggyhub Instructions

Store any Headphones

Business Ready

Rock your earphones like a Boss!

Work calls while out and about are no longer cause for panic. Jiggyhub is the perfect management control system for you earphones, making sure you’re always cool, calm and in control.

How Jiggyhub Works


Freedom to get out and about quickly.

No more knotted earphones in pockets or bags, with Jiggyhub your earphones will be neat and safe. Thanks to it’s removable magnetic clasp, you can wear your Jiggyhub with pride. You can even choose to colour co-ordinate!

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How does Jiggyhub work?

It has never been this easy to store headphones...

Best Way to Store Earphones

Versatile and stylish, kids, teens and adults will love the design and how easy it is clip on.

Easy to Load

Open your Jiggyhub, place your cable inside and clip it closed to start using straight away.

Quick to Extend & Retract

Simply pull the cords to open and then pull again to release and coil your cord back into the Jiggyhub.

Store any Headphones

Perfect for Earphones and Headphones, the Jiggyhub can be used at Work, the Gym, on the go or at Home.

This is Jiggyhub!

Classic Colours to Let you Shine

Classic Jiggyhubs in Ceramic White, Candy Red, Navy Blue, Frost Lilac, Beach Yellow, Mint Green, Blush Pink & Jet Black

retractable earphone classic colours

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Jiggyhub Classic

The Jiggyhub accommodates most standard earphone cords. Particularly Apple and Samsung brands. The removable magnet allows the user to wear the Jiggyhub while using it, or slide the back magnet across ways to remove it. The complete Jiggyhub unit is 4.8cm diameter and 1.9cm deep at 26 grams in total and comprises of three pieces when separated.
Shipping: Standard Postage for one Jiggyhub is $4 and four or more Jiggyhub's is free.




$19.95 inc.gst

Buy Extra Magnets

Jiggyhub Magnets

Removable magnets used for wearing your Jiggyhub making it hands free! Buy extra removable magnets in single or triple packs. Makes for great use on your fridge as well as interchanging colours on your Jiggyhub. Slimline. 3mm round. Available in all Jiggyhub colours.
Shipping: Standard Postage for one Magent is $4 or free with any Jiggyhub purchase.




$4.00 inc.gst


Everything related to Jiggyhub, and how to use it!

Important note: Whenever opening your Jiggyhub, always ensure you have fully extended your earphones first! If not, you will end up having difficulty removing your earphones from the Jiggyhub and could potentially cause your Jiggyhub to break.

This is the easiest error to make when using Jiggyhub. It can result in the Jiggyhub breaking. You will be likely not to do it again as it’s a bit difficult though not impossible to extract your earphones from this point. You need to carefully use your fingers to rotate where the arrows are while gently unwinding your cords. To reload once they are out, simply wind the spool in the direction of the arrows 3 to 4 clicks before reloading (Step 1 of instructions).

Please download and refer to the instructions -

Download the Jiggyhub Instructions

This could be a result from dropping the Jiggyhub or forcing the winding too far and the gear breaking as a result.

Fully extend cords before opening the lid of the Jiggyhub. Then slide the cord through a little more. Put the lid back on and retry retracting. It may take one or two attempts to get it centred perfectly.

Correct use of the Jiggyhub will not cause any concerns or issues. However, it can take a few attempts of loading the Jiggyhub to get used to it. So handle with care. The Jiggyhub has small magnets and pieces internally which could be a choking risk to small children. Not to be used by children 5 years and under.

Fully extend your earphones. Then take the lid of the Jiggyhub and unwind your earphones. You can then replace your earphones into the unit.

One Jiggyhub or Magnet standard postage is $4 and four or more Jiggyhub's postage is free. Extra magnets will not incur additional postage with a Jiggyhub order.

You could substitute another magnet to help still wear your Jiggyhub. Or go online and order some spares.

This could be from not winding the Jiggyhub up far enough the first time when loading. To check this, fully extend the cords first, then carefully open the Jiggyhub. Remove the cords. Using your fingers try rotating the spool further in the direction of the arrows until your hear it click. Gently and slowly release it the other way until you feel it catch into position. Once done, you can reload your cords and try retracting again. This should fix the problem.

Most standard earphones including but not limited to Apple and Samsung. Some flat cables or double wired cords may not retract as smoothly as rounded cables. Extra thick cables may not fit inside the spool.

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